Navy SEAL Training is the most difficult military training in the world–long days and nights of parachuting, diving, shooting and defending the country in deployments around the world. While going through SEAL Training (BUDS), SEAL Multi’s founder found that many of his classmates were pushing their bodies well past the normal capacity, which can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Such deficiencies were keeping his teammates from reaching, or maintaining their peak performance levels.

The solution to this problem was to create a multivitamin multimineral formulated for these men and the high demands they placed on their bodies, SEAL MULTI™! This hardcore supplement is like the men it was created for, a high quality, no bullshit multivitamin multimineral that gets the job done. This product was created to give the founder’s teammates every advantage possible while training at home, or deployed abroad.

SEAL MULTI™ also gave the opportunity to give back to SEAL teammates and their families, by giving 10% of the profits to the families of fallen or injured Navy SEALS. These young men are some of the brightest, athletically gifted individuals in this country. They are willing to risk their lives for their country, and teammates taking on the jobs that nobody else wants to protect our freedom. They deserve this support and much much more.


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